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Sports: entertaining is in the hands of a team of professionals that know exactly to pull in anyone into their various original acvtivities; they take care of the needs of the smallest, by organizing many many games that are both amusing and educational within the miniclub.

If you are looking for a holiday that carries peacefulness as well as fun, without having to sacrifice the quality of services, Camping S’Ena Arrubia is the place for you! During your stay at the camping a number of athletic activities will be organized.

Guests can make use of the following facilities: tennis court, football pitch, basketball field, beach volley field, petanque field.

The camping makes available the following courses:

classes in sailing, windsurfing, rowing, bow-and-arrow shooting. Furthermore the camping has available a big swimmingpool, for adults and children, that is completely furnished, and supervised by an expert lifeguard in case of emergencies; most important of all, we clean it every day, mornings and evenings. To relax in the sun or umbrage poolside , you can make use of our comfortable solarium with beds and sunscreens. For pool-lovers we have a our stand “Sa pallisia” available that will frshen up the hottest hours of day with cool drinks, icecream and fresh fruit.


The romantics among you, sipping a nice cocktail, will be able to enjoy the cooler hours of day with impressive sunsets and the caress of the sea-breeze. You can snuggle over the sound of the waves and the delicate birds’ chirping. An alternative choice of appetizer, that celebrates the fun of being together, would be to participate in our pre-dinner entertainment, or in our thematic parties for children and grownups, with pool-side barbecues and good music.

Shows: our entertainment is utterly engaging and it follows a full program of day- and nighttime activities for adults and children. Management organizes afternoons and evenings around find-the-treasure, dancing and singing in groups, karaoke, tournaments and games, thematic evenings and film projections.

Camping S’Ena Arrubia tries, through its shows, to bring to the fore the popular Sardinian traditions, organizing folkloristic events as well. Sardinian folklore, and its popular culture, especially in its poetic and musical expressions, is founded on ancient traditions, unique and singular manifestations that make our land fascinating and mysterious. For this very reason our camping wants to transmit to its guests the beauty and attraction of its traditions. Specifically, several evenings are dedicated to (re)discovering mentioned traditions through the collaboration of folkloristic groups and the degustation of local products ( Restaurant “La Lampara”, occasion of these evenings, will present typical Sardinian menu’s: sausages and cheeses, “musical sheet”-bread, maloreddus-pasta Campidanese style, roast piglet, fish, seadas-sweets, and many other products ).

Tours and excursions: the camping organizes excursions and guided visits for its guests:


  • The Eden of Cabras and Phoenician Tharros: this itinerary is set in the peninsula of the Sinis, the original name of this region that closes the Gulf of Oristano. The Sinis abounds with historical and archaeological findings, since in the past it was inhabited by nuragical peoples, by Carthaginians, Phoenicians and Romans. The city of Tharros, situated on the tip of the peninsula of the Sinis, founded by the Phoenicians and booming over the years, maintained its splendor under Carthaginian and Roman rule. Among the Roman remains most interesting are the acqueducts and buildings. Among the Phoenician ruins there is a “tophet” temple, the sacrificial altar of the Carthaginians.
  • Tour Santa Cristina and Nuraghe Losa: the nuraghe Losa represents one of the major artifacts of the pre-Sardinian civilisation, as well as one of the tallest structures of nuragical building technique. Excavations brought to light the so-called megalithical structures of the nuragical age. Close to Oristano we will find a particularly interesting site, the fountain of Santa Cristina, also called the nuragical or holy fountain, one of the most typical nuragical fountains in Sardinia, that takes its name from the church of Santa Cristina in the vicinity. Acoording to the prehistorical inhabitants, the water that was collected in the middle of the fountain had healing powers. It seems the case, that the divinity of the nuragical population lived in this water, and that particular ceremonies, always revolving around water, were performed.
  • “Montevecchio” and “Ingurtosu”: One of the most significant examples of a mining village in Sardinia is Ingurtosu; an 18th-century settling immersed in the woods, and almost completely abandoned. It is a part of the mining structures of Montevecchio, which is one of the eight sites that form THE GEOLOGICAL, STORICAL, AND NATURALISTIC PARK OF SARDINIA, a park which Unesco, during its assembly in Paris in November 1997, defined as “cultural heritage of humankind”. In Montevecchio it is possible to visit important architectural treasures, some of which are preserved in all their splendor, others in course of renovation.

Excursions by bike with the kids of the miniclub to the natural oasis of S’Ena Arrubia, a permanent oasis of protected fauna. With a bit of luck one can spot several kinds of birds: Pink flamingo, sultan hen, coot, white heron; sea rush, sea spartan.

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